T.LEAGUE design

T.LEAGUE design is league design that plural table tennis teams which there is in Japan participate in. Local team to play by hobby from team having world top-level player is divided into each category and, for this design, exists in T.LEAGUE.

This refers to German table tennis league. It becomes pyramid type divided for each level from copy to Part 16 in Germany, and 1.2 copies call with "Bundesliga" in this, and much Kaigai including not only Germany but also Japan participates.

Structure to be able to aim at from thing which can do it, and can watch a game of world top-level competition to familiar thing, by the way, to participate casually, and to be able to enjoy on place of each activity that competition-oriented, was correct is simple and realizes the situation maintained clearly.

We will push forward for realization sequentially while deepening discussion with each affiliate let alone Japan Table Tennis Association to realize this T.LEAGUE design in the whole table tennis world in Japan in the future.

Idea of T.LEAGUE

  1. We realize table tennis league of world No. 1
    • We realize league which can enjoy play of world highest level
    • We realize system bringing up the top athlete playing an active part in the world
    • We realize the world's openest community-based league system which which "we can participate" "can affect" in all anyone local
  2. We raise sports business value of table tennis
    • Which "we are impressed and experience table tennis" raises sports business value of table tennis through "scientizing table tennis" "globalizing table tennis"
    • We expand table tennis fan and table tennis-related business by raising sports business value of table tennis
    • By sports business value improvement of table tennis, we raise competition power and charm of table tennis
  3. We do the life through table tennis wealthily
    • Table tennis contestant and the staff (Head Coach, Coach, umpire) can enjoy the life with table tennis over life
    • Which "we want to try" increases people whom which "we want to go in view" "wants to talk" about which "we want to be concerned" to by playing table tennis for imminent sports
    • By the spread of table tennis, we contribute to healthy life expectancy extension of local activation and the nation